How to create an amazing portrait effect for your portfolio :

Portfolio Effect

So, need an awesome portrait effect for your portrait image to make your portfolio even beautiful or just want to upload new Instagram picture to gets tons of likes and comments to jealous your friend, here is a quick and amazing portrait effect, just follow the following steps from the video upload it to your social media handles and just sit back and watch notifications with a cup of coffee.
    Note:- check out tips for selecting pictures for this effect

Step 1:

  • Convert picture into black and white by clicking CTRL/CMD + shift + U.
  • Color balance your image by clicking CTRL/CMD + Shift + L.
  • Apply blue and red color gradient from R.H.S and L.H.S respectively.
  • Change the blend mode to soft light and adjust the opacity according to your subject.

About selecting image :

  • Select a picture shot from close range (ideal for portraits).
  • Retouch your picture before applying this effect.
  • Make sure to dodge and burn your subject for best results.

There is no need of photoshop as such for creating this effect, above tutorial is easy to go any app or software if it provides gradient and opacity and adjustment tools.

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