Frequency separation method for digital portrait skin retouching

Frequency separation method is most popular, quick and easy way of digital portrait skin retouching, this method generally used by many amateurs and professional retouchers for digital portraits(the portraits which are going to be uploaded on the internet, this kind of portrait usually don’t get printed ), reasons for this are explained later in the blog.

Frequency separation method required only 4 easy steps to enhance the beauty of your portrait, just follow the following tutorial and you’re good to go to Rock the internet.

Step 1: Load the Frequency separation retouching Action

Load the frequency separation action for digital portrait retouching from the following link,

After downloading action simply double-click on it, it will open the Photoshop panel,

Now load the image of your subject and hover-over the action button you can find it how to load action tutorial in the following link

It will automatically add 2 layers namely lower frequency and High frequency

select your image and load an action and blur the image up to you see the perfect skin.

click ok and move to next step.

Step 2: Lower frequency

When you initially load the action it will ask you to blur, select it accordingly to your subject, slide the blur slider or choose the blur size until your subject has sharp edges.

After this press, ok and select the lower frequency layer

now select the particular area on your subject’s face and blur it till the perfect skin level, the perfect skin level varies from subject to subject and camera lenses, choose it accordingly.

NOTE: Do not blur the skin till it changes the color of the skin.

Step 3: Higher Frequency

 Now, select the upper layer I.e Higher frequency layer,

select the clone stamp tool and make sure to the layer type is the current layer.

and Using the clone stamp tool Remove all the blemishes and clean the skin.


Step 4: Merge all layers
 In this step, we will merge all the layers and work on the blemishes and pimples which are hard to remove in the higher frequency layer

Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E to merge all the layers into the different layer.

use the healing brush tool and remove all the bumps of the skin.

Tip: Professionals usually spend 20-30 minutes on step 3 and step 4 to make the digital                portrait pelperfect.
Suitable Images :
  • This method is perfectly suitable for portraits which are going to be uploaded on the internet.
  • this method can apply for group images.
  • This method works best if the subject age is between 5-45.

NOTE: Working on the too wrinkly image might be difficult.




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