Choose your professional photo retouching services plan for your great and vibrant images.


Basic retouching services offers a great retouched image even if it's shotted from phone


Standard services offers great retouched images for social media influencers for their online portfolio


Premium services offers a retouched images that are great for online and printing purposes.


  • Professional retouchers
  • Great services at Affordable price
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 100% Secured
  • All formats of images are supported
  • Raw format supported
  • No watermark.

We Are professional retouchers working in retouching industry from past few years and here we offer our basic retouching service from $5, With great support and excellent work we also took care of your security and  we declare that we never disclose image that you are providing to anyone and we assured you that we never misuse your image. We provide great and affordable photo retouching services.

Model- Basic photo retouching services | Pelperfect

Basic retouching

Basic retouching is starter package of our photo retouching services. We have designed this package for social media uploads however, you can upload this for your online portfolio.

We cover basic color balance, required lens correction, blemishes/acne removal in this package. Teeth whitening, scar/pimple removal, watermark removal,  skin smoothening can be done as per customers requirement.

It’s a overall light skin retouching package to know more click here.

Standard retouching

Standard retouching is a advance package of our services. This package is designed for social media influencer and aspiring actor and models. This package is great for your social,online portfolio and personal use.

We cover advance image color correction, lens correction, advance skin retouching, background enhancement, background change, face wrinkle removal, body correction.

To know more about this package click here.

Albert from standard retouching services
Maat from Premium retouching services package

Premium retouching

Premium retouching is our most high end retouching package. This package is designed for professional portfolios of actors and models. This package is great for your online portfolio and portfolio printing purposes.

We cover all the all the features of standard retouching with the full body retouching, stray hairs removal, eyes and lips enhancements, full body retouching, accessories and props retouching.

To know more about this package click here.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers about professional image retouching

How to purchase your services?

Click on the buy now link on services product page you will redirected to our product page then choose your time plan according to your convenience and click on the add to cart. Complete the checkout form and fill the details and pay for your plan. Your image will be deliver to you as per your selected time period.

What's the difference between basic and standard plan?

We cover basic lens correction and color correction with Basic skin smoothening on customers demand. Basic face retouching will be cover in our basic package. While In our standard package we cover advance color and lens correction with stray hair removals. We face retouching as well as body correction in this package.

Why every plan is designed for specific media?

Everyone need their pictures to be retouch till a certain extent. Normal college students wants to have minimal retouched image to increase their social media game so we have basic retouching package for them. Similarly, aspiring social media influencers has their needs to great quality highly retouch images for their social and online portfolio so, we have standard package for them. Models and actors need to print their portfolio for portfolio submissions hence, we designed premium retouching package in which we retouch image consider it’s printing purpose.

Can you provide .PSD with an image?

Yes. We provide Photoshop retouching services (.PSD) file with retouched image but only on clients demand. We believe that our clients of basic and standard retouching plans are generally social media influencers and they don’t need of Photoshop file. But professional photographers uses our premium plan for their subjects retouching. They do require Photoshop file with them as every photographers has it’s own way of creativity and styling and they might be need to change their subject accordingly.

Is that our retouched images will have watermark of yours?

No. We don’t apply any kind of watermark to your image in any case even in our basic plan also. However, we do expect from you to tag us on your social media accounts where you use your images. Click here to know more.

Why choose us?

We are one of the leading photo retouching services companies. We hire professional and skilled photo retouchers to provide you high end retouched photos. We cover various aspects of professional photo retouching during the whole photo retouching process. We use image retouching tools strictly compatible with Adobe Photoshop and adobe Lightroom.

Our premium package is great for Photo printing and editing purposes. Similarly, Standard package is great for online portfolio and and social media uploads. whereas, Basic package is only good for social media uploads and personal use only.