Image Retouching

Digital retouching services is a product category of pelperfect services. It includes from basic, standard and premium packages starting from just $5. Every package purchase will be handle by professional retoucher. Our basic and and standard services are great for social media uploads or portraits, they are even fine for printing but We don’t recommend it for printing purposes for that we have our premium package at only $50.

Our team support all kinds of image formats in our all packages. pelperfect do recommend you to upload good quality images taken from good cameras. It’s okay to upload images taken from flagship phones like iPhones, one plus for our basic packages. In our standard package we like to have images taken from DSLR or SLR cameras at any image format. We do request you to provide us images in raw format for our premium package.

Every image from any package will be handled by professional retoucher with great expertise and 100% security.

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