Basic Retouching Services


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This is our Basic and most affordable retouching services package in where we support all kind of formats including raw files like (.Tiff and .dng). This package is really good for personal use or Social media uploads, Although we don’t recommend you this package for commercial use like submitting modeling assignment or online portfolio

Few basic things that we provide through our this plans are as follows,

  • Face cleaning.
  • Background removal.
  • Basic color correction.
  • Basic lens correction.
  • Lens blur (Bokeh effect).
  • Good for Social Media Uploads.

We provide your retouched image within 48 hrs. but you can choose time variation. we have two-time variation available, the retouched image within 24 hrs and retouched image within 12 hrs, select your time plan according to your convenience. Our team will mail you a link to download your image on the provided email address according to your time plan.


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