We provide all types of wedding photo retouching services at very affordable prices. 

Indian weddings

We provide all kinds of Indian wedding retouching services at very affordable rates.

Traditional weddings

We provide all sorts of traditional wedding retouching services at very cheap rates.

Modern Weddings

We provide all kinds of modern retouching services at very affordable rates.


  • Professional retouchers
  • Great services at Affordable price
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • 100% Secured
  • All formats of images are supported
  • Raw format supported

We Are professional retouchers working in retouching industry from past few years and here we offer great wedding retouching services at very cheap and affordable prices. With great support and excellent work we also took care of your security and  we declare that we never disclose image that you are providing to anyone and we assured you that we never miss use your image.  

Indian weddings

Indian weddings are the most fascinating thing about Indian families. Every Indian bride always dream about to have a grand bollywood type of wedding since, childhood. Their families even try to make it possible to a certain limit.

We have designed a great package for Indian weddings covering all ceremonies. we cover Sangeet ceremony, mehendi ceremony, pre-wedding photoshoot, post wedding photoshoot and whole wedding ceremony in our Indian wedding retouching services package.

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Traditional weddings

Every bride and groom like to have their wedding done by traditional methods. Having blessings from their families and relatives. Exchanging their rings and watching vows of their friends. To kiss their life long partner. To exit from the hall as a newlywed.

TO enhance your this beautiful moments we have designed a traditional wedding retouching package for you. Which will cover the whole Engagement ceremony, wedding ceremony and Pre-wedding photoshoot.

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Modern weddings

Some couples like organize their wedding on an exotic locations. few like to create those moments with nature. Some like to give it modern industrial touch and some like to give it handcrafted touch.

As there are variety of modern weddings and it’s gaining quite good popularity between young couples. We designed a modern wedding retouching plan for you where we provide all sorts of moder wedding retouching services.

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culling for wedding retouching


We will select great pictures from your whole wedding catalog.

Advance editing package

Advance skin retouching for all your wedding pictures

Color correction

Your images white balance, exposure, croping will
be adjusted

Whole wedding package

All wedding ceremonies including engagement, wedding, pre/post wedding photoshoot.

Basic editing package

Basic skin and image retouching for all your wedding pictures

Customize your package

Customize your wedding retouching services as per your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our wedding photo editing services

What are our wedding retouching rates?

Our wedding retouching rates varies accordingly plan that you choose.  Our basic culling plan for any wedding start from 0.01$ per image following 0.03$ per image for color correction. Al tough our prices varies for every wedding types as there are different factor must be consider while providing wedding photo editing service.

How do we provide culling for such a cheap price?

Culling is the one of initial steps of wedding photo retouching services. We provide our culling services at 0.01$ per image. Our wedding photo editor will scan trough each and every image and pick the one of the best images. Photo editor will select images as per requirement. We will discard repeated images. Know more about our culling services here.

how do you provide color correction for 0.03$ only?

Color correction is one of the important and important initial steps for wedding photo processing. We charge 0.03$ per image. and we edit and export all the images as per your styling and requirement. To know more about color correction package click here.

What's the diffrence between basic and advance editing?

Basic wedding photo editing services covers the  skin retouching of all images where advance editing covers the color correction, lens correction, skin retouching, portrait retouching of all know more about basic and advance retouching click here.

What's inside the whole wedding package?

We will cover all the ceremonies in treaditional weddings like engagement, pre-wedding and main wedding ceremonies. On Indian wedding ceremonies like Sangeet, Mehendi, main wedding etc. In the Whole wedding package.As we have created separate professional photo editing services plans for each wedding categories click here to check it out.

Do you offer customized package for wedding retouching services?

Yes! Each and every photographer have their different vision for their wedding photo shoot. So, we designed a customized package for you where you can select packages and styling according to you. Like if you want Culling of whole wedding+ engagement and engagement days picture retouching only then you can select accordingly from our plan. Click here to learn more.


We are one of the most fastest growing image/portrait and wedding retouching services provider website. Industry recognized us  for our fast and elegant services. Our wedding retouching rates are designed in taking consideration of professional high class photographer and freelancer photographers. High end retouching and  photo editing services for photographers at very affordable prices has been our retouching websites basic agenda. 

For our wedding retouching services we have developed our unique and effective wedding photography editing styles. We even use traditional wedding photography techniques to improve image quality and provide great delight to our valuable customers. 

As we are the leading photo editing companies for photographers we consider customer satisfaction on first priority. We hire skilled and experienced wedding photo editor with great Photoshop services knowledge.